The Launch Pad

For Coaches who are already serving great clients and want to scale their reach, consistently fill their 1-to-1 and are focused on launching a group program.

For Coaches who are already serving great clients and want to scale their reach, consistently fill their 1-to-1 and are focused on launching a group program.

Work With Me

Invitation to Work
One-on-One With Ja

This is an invitation to spiritually aligned entrepreneurs, experts, and coaches who are confident in their expertise and value usually already earning well from their business – OR, if not earning yet, have a lot of experience doing their work in another context…
…who have hit a plateau in their life and business and are feeling there is a more powerful, aligned, and spiritually magical vision of themselves that is being born and need help and support in this personal expansion.

We work together for 5-months 1-on-1 to give you to tools, mindsets, and energetic shifts necessary to embody the next vision of you:

  1. Craft The Vision: Fully author the next vision for your life and business. Define the next stage of your life’s work, your purpose here as a spiritually awakened person who is in a higher and more expanded version of your former self. You are ready for a personal transformation and need support in articulating this vision in complete clarity.
  2. Stay In Heart Alignment: You need a strong and supportive energetic container to create the space necessary to align to your higher intelligence and expanded sense of self. We practice this conscious awareness and understanding of occupying our body in a more spiritually integrated form so that you can access this deeper core of yourself.
  3. Imagination. Unshackle your attention that has got you creating from the past in ways that do not benefit the vision of your future. We will train to keep your attention focused on what you want to create until this becomes your default way.
  4. Do The Work Required. We focus on the intentional work. This is the Doing part of the process in the Be, Do, then Have method of aligned Conscious Creation. Daily habits, mindset shifts, weekly operations, better scheduling, and accountability are necessary to root and grow these inner shifts so that your vision may flourish and grow fruits.

You get 1:1 calls with me, detailed assignments and guidelines for everything, unlimited private access over Chat DMs in between calls, and lifetime access to all updates that I make and am teaching.

In order to be the best candidate to get results, you must have a certain threshold of spiritual understanding and have done some work on yourself with personal development, and/or are experienced in psychedelics. This is so you have a sufficient understanding of the vibrational nature of reality, and are sincerely committed to working towards being a better human being.

I work with spiritually connected people who are on board with the liberation of humanity and resonate deeply with Freedom.

Ideally, you are entrepreneurial, have a stable source of income, and can take decisive action when guided.

We need to be able to energetically collaborate because this is just as much physical “3D” (4D) Doing as it is vibrational, imaginative, and intentional work in 5D.

The investment for this 5-month container is $7220 USD. The level of manifestational unlock this can bring, can for the right person, create a many-fold ROI.

If you want to work with me beyond this 5-month container, we can talk about this in a DM conversation.

The next step if you’re interested in this special container (or have questions about it) is to DM me on Facebook. We’ll have a quick chat over Messenger to see if it’s a good fit.

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