What motivates you? Here’s a hint: it probably isn’t your goals

What motivates you? Here’s a hint: it probably isn’t your goals.
Many high achievers are not motivated by winning… they just really hate losing.

George St. Pierre, 2-division UFC champion and Hall of Famer, was bullied as a kid.

He was shorter than his peers and got a lot hate while growing up. Not wanting to be bullied was massive part of his story as to how he became a champion.

“I actually started martial arts because I was bullied at school”

“I was not a popular kid, girls didn’t like me, and didn’t have many friends”

His fear and his anger directed at his bullies drove him to be one of the greatest martial artists in MMA.

Fear of being a failure is a big driver of Alex Hormozi and his ‘overnight success’ (that, in actuality, took him 10-year of grinding). And an intense fear of disappointing his father cast a long shadow in his life that was a strong motivator to not fail during the early years when starting Gym Launch.

“What keeps me motivated? Honestly it’s fear. Fear of losing everything”.

“I am more motivated by fear and away from pain that I am towards gain.” He later admitted.

And Elon Musk… This Guy literally built a frickin’ rocket company on the fear of all human life being extinguished and having the ability to “have a back up” colony living on Mars!

So, are your fears and insecurities actually there to help you?

Yeah, I think so.

I say this because the pilot of fear driving action is innate in us.

And it’s most likely due to our ancestors running away from lions, bears and wolves gnashing their jaws in anticipation of us as their next meal.

Those who ran away in fear survived.

It’s a feature.

It’s baked into all of us.

Marketers find that addressing a painful problem grabs attention much better than talking about achieving a dream outcome or pursuing a goal. It can result in 3 to 4 times more response to an ad just by focusing on the problem instead of the goal.

Many who have accomplished greatness had demons they battled with that they kept in check by perpetually moving forward and taking action on their dreams.

So perhaps you, and I, need to make peace with being afraid of failure, feeling worthless or being scared of looking stupid.

You simply have to make the negative self talk seem ridiculous and laughable because you’ve got “a stack of undeniable proof that you are who you say you are.”

Make peace with your imperfections and outwork your chattering inner demons.

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