The Launch Pad

For Coaches who are already serving great clients and want to scale their reach, consistently fill their 1-to-1 and are focused on launching a group program.

For Coaches who are already serving great clients and want to scale their reach, consistently fill their 1-to-1 and are focused on launching a group program.

Want to kick butt on your next launch? Need to level up your leads gen and marketing game?

Hey Coaches,

I’m a Ja, a fellow ride-or-die coach who’s here to serve my fellow coach brothers and sisters to help out with the your marketing, client getting, brand and tweaking your offer so it’s exciting and tuned to who you want to attract.

Gonna level with you, this is a pilot program that I’m offering that works on all the pieces of your business that you’ll need to get more clients: brand, marketing, leads gen and your offer.

I’m offering this to coaches that are great at your work of coaching, but haven’t nailed all the other pieces in your business that you need to have a great, full, abundant coaching practice.

Being Extraordinary Requires an Extraordinary Mindset, Willingness to Learn, and a Propensity for Action

This is an 8 week done with you deep dive where we makeover the following areas:

  • Website optimization for know-like-trust factors + core offer sale/landing page. Don’t have one? Even better, because starting from the ground up we can get it done right the first time!
  • Visual brand optimization (overall aesthetic vibe up-level). This really depends on where you’re at, could be light esthetic tweaks to fonts, color palette, or going deeper into uncovering the soul of your work and accurately expressing it via a new brand. Good thing I’ve designed dozens before, and have worked with top brands like MBUSA, so I’m pretty qualified to give your look a glow up.
  • Help you refine your Unique Social media voice with my Media Momentum Kickstart – get you set up plus 1mo of done-with-you social media management. Get you set up with a system that gets you producing content consistently: This includes reels coaching, get you to dial in your reels game and get you set up with a unique look and tone for your reels content, and also Setup includes a weekly email newsletter plus an onboard email sequence. All done with you, so this is your tone, and you get the hands on practice and knowledge of doing the work, building your skills as an entrepreneur.
  • LTVS – Long Term Vision Statement – we’ll figure out where you want to end up in the next 5-10 years, and align all that we create together to “skate where the puck is going” mindset. Concrete, memorable and action focused mission statement you can use to remind yourself to keep going in the direction of your desired vision for your future.
  • Help you craft and refine Your Core Offer to your niche. This is directly used on your website sales/landing page as your primary sales funnel.
  • Leads gen support. I will work with you to devise and execute on a strategy to pull a flow of new potential clients into your ecosystem. Includes Setting up of 3 Lead Magnets, and support around how to talk to and nurture potential clients via DM conversations and invitations to your Discovery Calls.
  • Weekly Business and Marketing Strategy calls, to start, where we keep you on track and focused on what matters that moves your goals forward effectively, without getting side-tracked on things that don’t matter.
  • 8-weeks Total Time To Complete.
  • Guarantee: I keep working with you until you make the cost of the investment, so Selling a single high ticket package, for example, will recoup your investment in our work together.


Keep in mind this is not a program. This is a high touch service I am offering to a handful of right-fit coaches who are ready to fill their coaching practices or launch their group program.

Only  3 2 spots remain open.