Ditch the forever losing mindset of being ‘traumatized’

I get pissed off when people try to push me into a frame of being ‘traumatized’.
It’s usually a projection of themselves and shows the level of the game of life they are participating in.

I reject all of their disempowerment and false empathy.

It just reminds me of something Alex Hormozi said, that people only want you to do better if they are above you.
Once you’ve ascended beyond their level many will want to cut you down.

When I hear ‘trauma’ this is what is usually top of mind for me, crabs in a bucket dragging each other down.

Instead of abiding in samara, choose to consciously decide to heal. You must do the work that is required to heal, and then when you are done, close that chapter in your life for good and move on.

That’s what I did, and it worked.

Don’t remain trapped in the merry-go-round of cycling in your BS. You must let go of your past, and elevate your consciousness to the next level that lives outside of the endlessly swirling sewage drain that is ‘Your Trauma’.

Western psychology methods of dealing with trauma, don’t look particularly effective to me. Why would anyone going to therapy for a decade not come out completely fixed and trauma-free if it was so wonderfully effective?

If your desired outcome is to fix your problems and move on from them, you have to be willing to go deeper and get more elevation than any kind of talk therapy can provide.

Prolonged and sustained use of psychedelics, plus brain regenerative substances to encourage neuroplasticity, plus counseling from someone who knows what they are doing, is the trifecta that actually produces results for me. Any therapist who hasn’t done this kind of deep work, and a lot of it, cannot be of much help because they’ve never done the work that is required and thus cannot navigate the terrain.
It’s akin to hiring a guide who’s only studied the maps and has never lived on and walked the mountain route. You really wanna trust that guy?

I did about 4 years of 1-3X weekly psychedelic journeys, and received community and spiritual support, as I plumbed the depths of my psyche until there was nothing left for me to do.

I could finally check the box:
✅ Not Traumatized

This was over 15 years ago.

From my experience, and if you’re dealing with legit C/PTSD, this is the superior way to rapidly and thoroughly fix your problems.

Do I have scars from my past? Yes, those never completely go away (well in this mortal coil at least, as I’m sure returning to Source burns away all of the residue… but that’s another discussion entirely!).

But ‘traumatized’? No. That was a phase, a chapter in my life, and I closed it. To stay there is to perpetuate a disempowered mindset that I will not occupy.
You cannot win with this mindset.

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